Support Like This is a nonprofit tax except booster club that supports the team gymnasts that attend Gym Like This.
All competitive team members are eligible to be members of Support Like This.
In addition to the monthly tuition costs charged by the gym, your competitive gymnast will have to purchase:
  • a leotard that costs between $300-$400.
  • warmups that cost between $100-$200.
  • meet fees for 5-6 meets that are between $90-$150 each.
  • coaches’ fees that cost $400-$700 annually.
Competition season runs from September – May generally levels 1-5 compete in the Fall September – December and levels 6-10 and all Xcel levels compete January – May.
As a member of SLT you have the option to pay for banquets or fundraise. In addition, there are other opportunities to defray costs of your competitive gymnast. SLT has a board, and officers. One of the officer’s is the treasurer who collects and distributes the SLT funds. All expenditures require 2 signatures.
Communications are made through the Band App, the SLT Facebook page and emails.
Payments are required as services and uniforms are ordered.
Slides, flip flops
Leo and warm up order sheet